Experience The Health and Wellbeing You Deserve

       Let me help you with the following:

• Boosting Your Energy Levels
• Effective Fat Loss                                         
• Strengthening Your Immune System  
• Managing You Stress Levels
• Preconception and Pregnancy Care
• Promoting Healthy Mood                          
   • Reversing The Aging Process
   • Balancing Your Hormones
   • Improving Your Digestion
   • Sleeping Soundly
   • Healthy Babies and Children
   • Healthy Skin

Online and Phone Consultations Available

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Muscle testing is used to help
identify and correct stress
and imbalances in your body


Phone: 0414 506 419

Address: 117 Lambert Street 

Bathurst NSW 2795

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