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An Initial Naturopathy Consultation is $110 and is one hour or more in length. This appointment is designed to thoroughly assess your current health and goals. Consultations are offered in the clinic or online.

Follow up Naturopathy Consultations are $60 and approximately 30 minutes in length. These follow ups are designed to monitor your progress, and implement new strategies and goals as your health improves.

Most People Have No idea How Great Their Body Is Designed To Feel

Natural Medicine


A Kinesiology Balance is $110. The initial consultation is usually one hour or more in duration. Additional time is scheduled to ensure you receive a full balance in for first visit. Return Kinesiology Balances are one hour in length.

You Are Pretty Smart But Your Body Is Smarter



-  A Half Hour Treatment is $60
-  A One Hour Treatment is $95
-  A One and a Half Hour Treatment is $140

Relax, Revive, Refresh, Renew
Remedial and Relaxation Massage
Back Massage
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