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Remedial Massage is a wonderful treatment, incorporating a variety of manual techniques, from relaxation to deep tissue in order to help you in the following areas:

• Ease muscle pain, discomfort and tension potentially caused by injury,
  postural stress or overuse
• Reduce  and manage your stress levels
• Promote muscle and joint flexibility and movement
• Improve your posture
• Optimise muscle tone and strength, sports endurance and performance
• Help prevent or overcome injury
• Boost energy levels and vitality
• Enhance the bodies circulation of blood and lymph
• Promote the bodies self-healing ability and recovery rate
• Relieve sinus and lymphatic congestion and aid body detoxification
• Improve posture and body awareness
• Improve health and sense of wellbeing
• Or simply to take time out for yourself with a relaxation massage

"Take care of
  your body,

  it is the only
  place you live"


- Jim Rohn

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